Monday, March 12, 2012

Samal Lots For sale to high?

I have been looking at land prices in Samal at first glance i said yeah it should be high, the beach is right there. then i looked closer and saw that the roads or terrible, part of the island floods, habal habal (taxi) guys are very crooked and unregulated. NPA rebels are across the island (and yes they have attacked samal in the past). You can't legally own the land your self if your not filipino. People stare at you a lot which is somewhat scary. I even heard of a case where a guy bought a land, beach front but could not get the squatter people off his land, they went to court the judge gave the land to the squatters, but when i look online at properties in davao area, Samal land owners are asking lots of money. I started asking why? Is this is a bubble market, a bunch of people buying the land for investment hoping to sale it later for more money (this is what happen in US that cause markets to go down around the whole world). One reason i think this is look at Ocean-view or Playa no one is building anything yet, the one house at Ocean-view has been for sale for years, so here is my questions why are these land owner asking so much? The next question is are they even selling for the asking price? why are the prices still so high if there not selling? is it the investor who is buying the lots for investment who is driving the price up?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Filipinos The Copy Cat Racist!

What bothers me the most is that most Filipinos are not the "whites" they never had to depend on slaves, they never had to compete with newly freed slaves taking their "jobs". They never felt threatened that the male x slave was going to steel or rape their women. In fact Filipinos are more like copy cats it sad to say but it is true. Their copying what they perceived to be the way of white American behavior. However this is a big mistake They assumed that all white people was and is racist. This is a second racist way of thinking. I have white friends who tell me that they feel racism in the Philippines. This is true, at the same time many see black as poor, violent, people with a big Penis. Before all Black guys get happy many Filipinas don't want a big penis assuming it is not natural and it would hurt them.

Also keep in mind from a filipino point of view the most they know about the Afro-American is the American military. Many men both Afro and Euro left many unclaimed mixed kids behind. The Euro- mixed kids could easily blend in with the rich Euro mixed kids (example Angelica Panganiban) that already exist however the Afro-mixed kids stands out. The other Filipino's Afro- American experiences are Rap music and i guarantee you conscious rap doesn't make it to the Philippines. Last but not least the movies. Although there are great Afro-American stars. But not many in comparison to euro-american actors. Not only that but pay close attention to the movies. Most of the time when you see the black character he/she is either a gangster, loud, rude, a slut, baby producing and unsupportive father, comic, an athlete or musician making it out of the hood with the help of a white angel person, the first to dye in the most horrible way, and if they are normal they are probably dating a European descendent.

Now for the European American they see them as financial prince charming. Some Filipinos will date all ages, weights, etc...just as long as they are white. This is what i like to call positive racism. It first sound cool to be thought of as successful and rich but i am sure many of the european descendent who go to the Philippines are not that rich. So at first it is cool until you start noticing you are picking up all the bill for everything. Even though the U.S. dollar is more then the PHP things start to add up. The amount of people around you add up. Everyone smiles and is always happy to see yooooourrrr pocket. Your not Jim or john a good friend or the husband of my Aunt instead that is the kano, the foreigner that married my Aunt.

The times has changed and the most Filipinos seems to be late cause the are still copying trends from 50 to 70 years ago. They do this thinking they will be accepted and perceived as upper class society. Keep in mind when the Euro- Americans first encounter the Filipinos they where not even consider asian they just consider them as nxgxxr. and was treated the same as Afro-American in USA. They where not allowed in white only establishments. Euro-American saw them as they did with many people of color as savages people that needed to know the white way.

This was easy since the image of a white blue eyes Jesus was already popular in the Philippines, thanks to the Spanish. So when the Filipinos where giving the chance to run their own country they use the USA system as a way to establish there new white way of life. In the Philippines Afro-Filipinos don't get the best jobs. In fact if you see them in a movie it is shocking and most likely the character will be a maid, loud, rude, a gangster, etc.. It is much easier to get a good paying job if you are Euro-Filipino. In fact the only good thing that comes with being Afro-Filipino is no one cares to kidnap you. So to all the African and Dark Skin people i would say look at the bright side at least when you go to the Philippines you know Terrorist are not looking for you. But i don't it will be that way for long.

I believe there are many enlightened Filipinos they may now be small in number but they are there. They are the Filipinos that love being Brown and Black. They are the ones that knows they are more then just maids and gangsters, they are the Euro-filipinos that do not look down on anyone but embrace every one as their equal. This group of Filipinos can not be fooled. They don't fall in love for money or a color. They fall in love with the person that moves their hearts. This group of Pinoys Stands up for what they believe in, they have courage, they know when wrong is being done to them and their fellow man, they are proud of all the good that is in the Philippines and want to fix the wrongs of their nation. These people can not be fooled by racist propaganda, These people have their eyes open and now we are waiting for their voice Pinoys Stand Up .com!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Nita Negrita Hidden Messages

I don’t think the everyday people are the ones behind this. Yes, I know they are the ones that stares when we foreigners are on the streets. But i notice that if you confront a person one on one about their actions they usually will apologize quickly and sometime ask for correction as if they did not even know it was inappropriate. The people are not to blame, yes the actors who picks these roles make poor choices however what if they don’t even know it is wrong. They are just tools. We all know many Filipinos are extremely naive. They are being controlled. You may ask by whom? Well ask your self who would benefit if every one thinks Black is ugly? The companies that sells the skin whiting product of course. The T.V. station that sale them the advertising space, the producers of the shows that gets a big check when rating is High. I started a web site called Pinoys Stand Up. com. I myself am not Pinoys in anyway or form, however my wife is. So I began to adopt the culture. I am a black Haitian American. I know I can turn around and stay in my home here in U.S.A. and simply avoid Philippines like many has done in the past. However i do love the country and the people. I know that the Filipinos are very warm and sweet people. Yes, we all know that some time it seem like they act like teenagers when we walk buy pointing a laughing, or saying slick remarks but they are just being used as tools. Why? Well 1st Philippines has the 7th largest population in the world they tell you the country is poor, but ask your self a question why are there Mega size Mall being built every year. The crazy thing is they are all pack. The money is there maybe not in one guys hand but together they are rich. 2nd, How many of you know Filipinos that can not handle money very well, they buy on impulse. They get the money and it is gone the next day. I am sure you know one are two people who is like this. The reason I mention this is to show why the philippines is important. 3rd, The key to advertising is to make people feel bad. As if life will end if you don’t have this product. This happens everywhere however the difference between let say U.S.A. and PH is in U.S.A. you have lots of companies competing with each other. In the Philippines you have a few families who hold all the cards. Most of the T.V. Station is owned by the same one of two companies. So don’t be fooled it is the Pinoys they are after and their money the black people is just a casualty of war. So on behalf of making a difference maybe a small one maybe a big one. I have to beg you, all you Americans, all you Australians, all you Europeans, Asians, and Filipinos lets stop this now. Sitting on forums will not stop this kind of thing, driving by a monster size billboard humiliating your fellow man and just shaking your head is not enough. We need to tell the stations that this is wrong and not acceptable. We need to tell the Filipinos, all the Filipinos wether light or dark that they are special as they are and there difference is what will make their country special. For it is a deep brains wash that has gone for too long. Who in the hell would identify with a weak character like Nita always apologizing for being black. We all know what racism has done in our countries it turn good people bad on both sides. It created groups of people who accepted the false idea that they where naturally bad so they continued on that path. It made people with money close doors to others in order to keep themselves safe from the so called bad people . However in this country the Republic of the Philippines it can all be stopped. This is your chance to make a difference. Join me and lets fight together as fellow humans.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Debate!

Obama stands for a change for the American people who he sees needs it. McCain may had in the past stand for what he believed in but now he seems to stand for whatever change he needs to get  elected. As i watched the last debate a thought came to my head Obama is young if he makes any mistakes as president it will haunt him for a long time even after his presidency. So i think he is thinking for the American people. John McCain on the other hand at 72 years old he may see this as his last chance to be better then his fathers. Keep in mind four years from now he will be 76 if he tries for a 2nd term 80 at the end of his term. This may may die the vice president may have to take power and he choose Sarah Palin as his running mate that was the first sign showing he does not care about the American people. For god sake he did not even know the woman! To make such "Maverick" moves was good for one thing to shock and to get vote from ignorant supporters who sees a woman as the only qualifications needed. The change i have seen from both camps is this, Obama works hard to relate to the people and hard on the real issues. I may not agree with all the things he says but at least i know he really want to try to change and help America. As for john the "Maverick"  i think he want to have his dream of being president come true any mean necessary, even if he has to pick and unknown person even to himself as his running mate, and hold rallies with many ignorant people that seems more like a lynch mob.  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Hockey Mom's

Palin supporters seems to like her because she is a woman. It seems silly that this would be the only qualification needed.  Is she really mean? I don't think so. I think she is a weak woman who is being told what to do by the men around her. I watch her past interviews before she was selected she was nice and seem to want to make a difference in her town for her family, i guess one can say she was a PTA mom, a "Hockey mom", a religious woman who let God guide her view on right and wrong. Now that she has step out onto the big stage things change she has no lip stick on anymore she is just a pit bull, a servant, an assassin. At the end of this whole thing. I wonder will she be able to go back in her skin and be able to look herself in the eye and say i was me? It seems to me Hillary Clinton did belong on that stage she and her husband work there whole lives to be there. I think Palin is far from home and it's time for to go back and be a " Hockey mom" again. With five children including a pregnant teenage daughter going home will be important. We can pretend a person can do it all. But the reality is when those children are sick they will call for their "Hockey Mom". She will then have to make a choice us or them that is what the moment we have to for see. If she choose the American people then she is a bad mom, if she choose her family she would a bad Vice President or President. Hilary's child was grown so she wouldn't of been distracted by her. So bottom line is, I think men and women can do the same thing, but to do that it is at the sacrifice of the children.  We can see the result of this in our society today. So "Hockey Mom's" we love you and still need you after the game, to wipe the tears when we lose, and to cheer us on when we win! 

McCain, Palins' lynch Mob

I was watching a news report on McCain, Palins Rallies, it seem to me every one was so angry. They all want to say what they really feel inside but no one can come out and say it. Instead they say "I don't trust him", "I am scared ", "fight for us", I was shock. Were these people talking about a US senator, or a slave, a nigger who is running lose raping their women. One woman even calls him an Arab. They even had a black guy who looks scared. The fear in their eyes was real. I think John McCain has started a lynch mob in his effort to discredit Obama.  What do you think?